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US-2016289912-A1: Manhole Repair Bracket patent, US-2016318727-A1: Apparatus and Method for Mechanically Gripping and Transporting Webs of Material patent, US-2017186501-A1: Integrated circuit and memory device patent, US-2016016763-A1: Control device using image tracking technology for controlling overhead crane system patent, US-2016284790-A1: Dielectric layer and manufacturing method of dielectric layer, and solid-state electronic device and manufacturing method of solid-state electronic device patent, US-2016312738-A1: Lightweight internal cobustion engine with a ferrous reinforced cylinder block patent, US-2015319094-A1: Flow synchronization patent, US-2017076869-A1: Multilayer electronic component patent, US-2017180180-A1: Signaling of modulation configuration patent, US-2016192861-A1: A breath analysing and training assembly patent, US-2017131743-A1: Biaxial synchronization dual-shaft hinge patent, US-2017136261-A1: System and method for determining the position of objects in a radiation room for radiation therapy patent, US-2015291333-A1: Packaging for a bottle patent, US-2015382332-A1: Handling identifiers for enhanced dedicated channels in cell forward access channel states patent, US-2016069465-A1: Hydraulic control valve and hydraulic control device patent, US-2018003448-A1: Connecting member and micro-channel heat exchanger patent, US-2015353377-A1: Humidification-dehumidifaction desalination system patent, US-2016070371-A1: Touch panel system and electronic device patent, US-2016315698-A1: Optical transmitter and transmission method, and optical receiver and receiption method patent, US-2015211310-A1: Method of interconnecting a drill rod with a drill string by means of a threaded connection, rod handling system and drill rig patent, US-2016135606-A1: Bunkie Bottom patent, US-2017077976-A1: Configurable communications module with replaceable network access device patent, US-2015217631-A1: Power tailgate system and method patent, US-2015275887-A1: Tubing pump patent, US-2015148142-A1: Decorative Bowling Balls and Methods and Apparatuses for Decorating Bowling Balls patent, US-2015347066-A1: Communication apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program patent, US-3544963-A: Random and burst error-correcting arrangement patent, US-3593620-A: Redundant control system for actuation of flight control surfaces patent, US-2015158012-A1: Adsorption based air separation using porous coordination polymers patent, US-2016036481-A1: Protective cover for a wireless device patent, US-2016092733-A1: System and method for seat occupancy detection from ceiling mounted camera using robust adaptive threshold criteria patent, US-2016108607-A1: Water Pump Pressure Switch Providing Automatic Power Shut-Off To A Well Pump patent, US-2016132661-A1: Pill removal detection from pill package patent, US-2016210981-A1: Methods and apparatus for altering audio output signals patent, US-2016252688-A1: Three dimensional self-alignment of flip chip assembly using solder surface tension during solder reflow patent, US-2016256045-A1: Endoscope reprocessing apparatus patent, US-2016310999-A1: Method for cleansing glass substrate and device for performing the method patent, US-2016325865-A1: Bagging Assembly and Method patent, US-2016360020-A1: Control System Cooperating with a Mobile Device patent, US-2017002841-A1: Compensation Reservoir patent, US-2017004657-A1: Interactive cubicle and method for determining a body shape patent, US-2017058642-A1: Reverse flow catch-and-engage tool and method patent, US-2017130316-A1: Low pressure induction carburization patent, US-2017143893-A1: Packaging body and package assembly patent, US-2017170181-A1: Spacer for dual epi cmos devices patent, US-2017174468-A1: Method and device wearable on the human body for controlling an object patent, US-2017198608-A1: Exhaust Hood and Its Flow Guide for Steam Turbine patent, US-2017209223-A1: Instrument Annular Location Sensor patent, US-2017211036-A1: A process of cultivating microalgae and a joint method of same with a denitration process patent, US-2017245872-A1: Method for performing an orthopaedic surgical procedure patent, US-2017265978-A1: Capacitive Sensor Array for Dental Occlusion Monitoring patent, US-2017284419-A1: Method and Apparatus for Balancing a Rotor patent, US-2017291839-A1: Anammox process at waste water plant patent, US-2017293889-A1: Method And Device For Determining An Area Cut With A Cutting Roll By At Least One Construction Machine Or Mining Machine patent, US-2017302297-A1: Low density parity check encoder having length of 64800 and code rate of 5/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same patent, US-2017306231-A1: Composition and liquid crystal display device using the same patent, US-2017309337-A1: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device patent, US-2017313241-A1: Road traffic warning device and communicator and method thereof patent, US-2017319640-A1: Formulations and Methods of Administration of Cephalotaxines, Including Homoharringtonine patent, US-2017321875-A1: Led lighting fixture and heat sink therefor patent, US-2017333092-A1: Surgical tool patent, US-2017335115-A1: Aqueous primer coating composition and use patent, US-2018000984-A1: Antiseptic polymethylmethacrylate bone cement patent, US-2018002733-A1: Methods for increasing mannose content of recombinant proteins patent, US-2015107751-A1: Method and device for application of a label to an object patent, US-2016326311-A1: Polycarbonate resin and optical film patent, US-2015258330-A1: Multichannel brain probe patent, US-2016064604-A1: Flip chip light emitting diode packaging structure patent, US-2016093038-A1: Information processing apparatus recognizing multi-touch operation, control method thereof, and storage medium patent, US-2016155902-A1: Ultraviolet Reflective Contact patent, US-2016177227-A1: Process for recycling detergent pouches patent, US-2016225964-A1: Optoelectronic Semiconductor Component and Method for Producing an Optoelectronic Semiconductor Component patent, US-2016281005-A1: Process, Method, and System for Removing Mercury From Pipelines patent, US-2017179904-A1: Audio Control Using Auditory Event Detection patent, US-2017263211-A1: Perceptual luminance nonlinearity-based image data exchange across different display capabilities patent, US-2017288006-A1: Display module and electronic device having said display module patent, US-2016124249-A1: Method for determining at least one value of a parameter for customising a visual compensation device patent, US-2016318790-A1: Method and system for scribing heat processed transparent materials patent, US-2017264726-A1: Interface device providing intrinsic safety for a communications device patent, US-2016359930-A1: System and method for augmented and virtual reality patent, US-2017063580-A1: Transmitter circuit for and methods of generating a modulated signal in a transmitter patent, US-2017102832-A1: Systems and Methods for Displaying Content, Based on Selections of Unlinked Objects patent, US-2017168803-A1: Method and apparatus for performing hitless update of line cards of a network device patent, US-2017186894-A1: Solar cell and method for producing solar cell patent, US-2015213275-A1: Context aware integrated display keyboard video mouse controller patent, US-2015315954-A1: An exhaust pipe band clamp patent, US-2016001772-A1: Hybrid vehicle running control apparatus patent, US-2017006656-A1: Providing mobile communication service using a dongle device patent, US-2016029344-A1: Paging repetition for increased robustness for extended paging cycles patent, US-2016164788-A1: Egress Rate Shaping To Reduce Burstiness In Application Data Delivery patent, US-2016252788-A1: Display device patent, US-2016343468-A1: Threaded reflective cord and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2015283513-A1: Particulate nanosorting stack patent, US-2016322374-A1: Multiheight contact via structures for a multilevel interconnect structure patent, US-2016348417-A1: Covering assembly for building opening patent, US-2015200270-A1: Field effect transistors for high-performance and low-power applications patent, US-2015300757-A1: Heat exchanger tube insert patent, US-2016132596-A1: Generating Search Results Based On Software Application Installation Status patent, US-2017096845-A1: Closing device for a motor-vehicle hood, and method patent, US-2016119398-A1: Informative data streaming server patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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